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The Log Cabin
Special Needs Centre

This contract was originally to resurface an old playground after a new facility was built on the old site, by the end of the job we had not only resurfaced the playground but installed new play equipment, including a wet play area and a log wall enclosed sand pit, a multi use ball court, disabled ramp and a large log cabin which can be used as an external class room, basically the area was empty with just building waste from the new building, with the carefully chosen planting from our landscapes department and the sleeper raised beds and steps I think you would agree the site looks remarkable....... look out for our hand carved oak lion! 
Raised sleeper bed and disabled ramp
   Laying of resin bound golden
   gravel around log planters
Larry the Lion !
Carved by chainsaw
    (over 1m tall)
Log cabin erected on a concrete base
 (with lighting & heating)
Wet play area (SMP) with wet pour
safety surfacing and drainage system
Sleeper walling to act as planter but is actually a retaining wall as the level of the playground is 1m above floor level of the new building 
Resurfaced tarmac playground
Raised log wall sand pit & multi use ball court to the rear with a bespoke wooden picket fence instead of metal barrier fencing to maintain the natural feel
Sunken fire pit / seating area, these are 1.5 ton boulders half buried to create seating and 4 1/2 ton boulders in the centre of the circle to create a fire pit